UX Salary in Vietnam | 2021/2022 Report 

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This report helps you understand

  • The median salary depends on your seniority, location, and company types.

  • The salary differences for each seniority, company types.

  • More than that, how are your years of experience related to your seniority, and how it affects your salary range.

About this project

  • This is a not-for-profit project, all data collected is used for reporting, providing a better understanding of the UX industry and its salary in Vietnam.

  • We never use, sell, distribute these data for beneficial purposes.

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Date of report: Dec 2021 – The charts are constantly updated in real time but the explanation might be updated slower.

Total responses


Number of Directors/Head, Managers, Team Leads


Number of Non-managers


Let's see some distribution first :

Important notes:

As data for other cities is relatively small compared to Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city, the calculation hereafter will only be calculated based on the data from these two main cities: Ha Noi and HCMC.
Also, due to the low number of managers' data, this report only shows the results calculated from non-managers. Therefore, until we have more data, we will make the additional report for managers.

Most respondents mostly work for a Local startup or Enterprise/Big Corps.  

Median of Monthly Salary

This is the key metrics in this report, please read below to understand how and why we calculate this way

What is Median Salary

Median salary is a figure that takes many salaries into account and reports the middle number in that set of salaries. When you see a median salary, you know that half of the salaries reported are less than that number and half are higher.

Median refers to the exact middle number in a list. For example, if you have a list of the numbers 7, 14, 23, 27, 31, 45 and 71, the median is 27 because half of the numerals are lower and half are higher.

Monthly Salary and Annual Income

While monthly salary demonstrates how much you earn each month, the annual income shows how many benefits you get in the long run.

Some Big Corp or growing Product Companies pay more benefits if you work long enough for these companies, even if the monthly salary is not as high as Startups.

Understand the difference between Monthly Salary and Annual Income is significant to choose a company to work with.

Non-managers Income

How much can I earn in regards to seniority and the location I base in?

The median monthly salary for Senior levels of Ho Chi Minh city is higher than Ha Noi. At the same time, the pay for Junior/Freshers in HCMC is a little higher than Ha Noi.

For example: If I am based in Ha Noi, I want to apply for a Mid level position, my Salary range can be from 14,000,000 to 26,000,000 VND.

Let's break it down to years of experience instead of seniority

Ho Chi Minh city has higher pay for more years of experience. However, when breaking down the pay for fresher (0-1 year of experience), it is the same between the 2 cities.

To better understand the salary, let's look at the distribution

  • 16 responses (~7%) with salary is more than 73m VND.

  • 20 responses (13%) with salary ranges from ~47m to under 73m VND.

  • 39 responses (22%) with range from 27m to under 47m VND.

  • 66 responses (36%) with range ~14m to under 28m VND.

  • 39 responses (21%) with range under 14m VND.

Numbers of Responses for each seniority

The number of respondents for each seniority: 56 Juniors, 47 Mids and 51 Seniors

How is seniority distributed against years of experience?

You have seen how different seniorities are paid, but what exactly does each seniority relate to the years of experience?

Nearly 27% of people indicate their years of experience is 1-3 years, and they are currently working as Intermediate/Mid-level.
15% of people indicate their years of experience is 4-6 years, and they are currently working as Senior level.

By far, most agreeable statement are: Intermediate/Mid level can be from 1 - 3 years of experience, and senior can be from 2 - 6 years of experience.

Company Types: 
Scale-up Product and Oversea Startups are paying more to attract talents.

Enterprise and Big Corp salary range can be considered as the industry standards, where Scale-up or growing products and Overseas Startup are paying much higher to attract talents.

Local Startups are paying much lower, while Agency/Outsourcing might need to improve their range a little bit.

As mentioned, the gap of Annual Income vs Monthly Salary of "Enterprise/Big Corps" is  better (almost no gap) than those of "Oversea Startups" or "Scale-up and Growing". It appears that the Enterprise/Big Corps offer more compensation end-year bonuses to their employees. If you work long enough for these companies, your income will become more stable in the long run.

Please note that all the data is calculated for people who reside in Vietnam only. Even they work for Oversea Startups, they would work remotely or work at the company's office in Vietnam.

How the salary differentiate between seniority in each company types

Overseas Startups are trying to steal the seniors from Enterprise/Big Corp and Scale-up Companies, even Mid level is being paid more than  others as well.

Enterprise/Big Corp will loose their talents (including both Mid and Seniors) more and more if this trend continues to happen.

Local Startups will find it hard to recruit Mid and Seniors. Meanwhile, Agencies and Outsourcing Companies are still good landing places for Juniors

How much can someone possibly make?

Now, let's look at the highest number

There are some highest pay, but it's like one in a hundred

The highest pay for seniors is for those who have over seven years of experience.

It's obvious that, with more years of experience, you will be paid more.

Gender Equality

Number of Male and Female response is not much different

Male is still making more money

It seems that things haven't changed much recently. The gap between male and female is still large.

Genders in management roles

Male still dominates the leadership positions.

Diverse response is low so let's not count them into the chart.


How do people feel about their salary?

People mostly feel acceptable, but they also wish to be paid more.

The highest underpay feeling comes from Enterprise and Big Corps. Second to it are both the local and oversea Startups

How does each gender think about their salary?

100% of Diverse gender feels that their salary is acceptable, but wish to be paid more.

The raw data

Freely explore the submissions below. However as mentioned, some data has been masked to protect the privacy. We hope you found this helpful and don't forget to share this report or contribute to the repository

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